To Peel or Not to Peel? – That is the question

When people enquire about a chemical peel at Finesse Skin Clinic, the most common question I get asked is this – “Will I peel?”

People seem to be scared of the thought of having a peel, they think they will leave the clinic and look red and sore. But it’s my job as your AlumierMD professional to reassure you that you are in safe hands on your skincare journey and that the peels we use here at Finesse are progressive NOT aggressive.

I have carried out many peels and will always talk you through the process analysing your skin first and determining the best options for you and your individual concerns.

AlumierMD medical grade skincare

What exactly is a chemical peel?

The use of chemical peels date back to Ancient Egypt where Cleopatra used to bathe in sour milk to improve the appearance of her skin – milk is lactic acid. What a chemical peel does is lower the pH of the skin in a controlled way. This loosens the connections between dead skin cells allowing them to shed, revealing a smoother more radiant complexion. Chemical peels also help to stimulate collagen production and thicken the skin.

So let’s get back to the question

“Will I peel?” 

I offer two types of chemical peel at Finesse Skin Clinic – a superficial peel and a medium peel according to how far they penetrate the skin. Deeper peels are associated with more down time. It is impossible to say how you will respond to the peel, I always suggest that you opt for the superficial peel at first and then try a medium peel for your next treatment. This way you can see how you will respond and which you personally prefer. 

I have my own preference and that is a superficial Radiant 30 peel. I prefer this peel because I know it’s working it’s magic towards a radiant complexion and I know I don’t actually peel with it. Whereas for the glow peel I do peel. Usually about 2-3 days later little areas of my skin will start to go tight and then start to shed. I know that this stage won’t last for very long, I must NOT pick and I must keep the skin hydrated with the recovery products supplied. 

It makes me smile because we are all different and some people need to see a “peel” to think its working and others categorically do not want to experience this. SO it really is each to their own but please remember you actually don’t need to peel to reap the benefits of a chemical peel.

And what are those benefits?

I never really knew what glowing skin was like until I tried AlumierMD medical grade home skincare combined with their professional peels.  After just one peel my skin was definitely brighter and more radiant. However more significant effects probably showed after about the third peel. My fines lines were reduced and the texture of my skin improved. Other people I have treated have experienced a reduction in pore size, improvement in pigmentation and redness issues and the results for acne are amazing too. 

I would consider a chemical peel to be an essential part of your skincare routine. Once you have tried both the superficial and the medium peel, you will have a comparison to decide which you prefer and remember you don’t have to peel to get the Glow. Just saying – S x

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