Traditional skincare products only address the skin’s surface, but new research emphasises the importance of nurturing the skin’s microbiome for overall skin health. Just as the gut microbiome is essential for gut health, the skin’s microbiome plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy skin.

The skin microbiome is a protective shield, defending against harmful pathogens, environmental stressors and inflammation. When this delicate balance is maintained the skin is more resilient and better equipped to repair and regenerate. 

Xycrobe™ technology and Biojuve™

Introducing Biojuve™ – a revolutionary skincare regimen, designed to optimise skin health by harnessing the power of Xycrobe™ technology. Xycrobe™ technology utilises living microorganisms, derived from C.acnes defendens to deliver a unique blend of Bioessentials™ , around the clock, that repair, restore, and rejuvenate the skin from within promoting overall skin health and a radiant more youthful appearance. 

Bioessentials™ include potent proteins, fatty acids, polypeptides and antioxidants. These bioactive ingredients work synergistically to help to support a healthy skin biome, fight oxidative stressors, promote proper skin hydration, calm the skin, decrease the appearance of erythema and help to balance sebum production. Clinical study results show a significant improvement in the appearance of skin texture, tone, fines lines, wrinkles and photo damage on all skin types.

The most significant improvements observed after 8 weeks of using Biojuve™ were:

Why choose Biojuve™ Biome Skin Care?

The Biojuve™ Biome Skin Care regimen takes a holistic approach to skincare. True beauty radiates from within and by focusing on nurturing the skin’s natural biome you can improve your skin’s health and vitality. 

If your concern is some form of sensitivity then the chances are your microbiome is disrupted and so this will benefit you too. 

Biojuve™ is an easy to use, clinically proven, topical regimen that optimises skin health on and below the surface for healthier, younger looking skin. Check out the clinical study here – it’s very exciting. 

Through the innovative Xycrobe™ technology, with over a decade of research, Biojuve™ products harness the power of living microorganisms to produce Bioessentials™ that mimic the effects of key ingredients found in Alumier MD .

While AlumierMD and Biojuve™ offer different approaches to skincare, both products aim to achieve similar results by nourishing and protecting the skin.

At Finesse, it is important for us to remain at the cutting edge of new developments in skin science. So whether you prefer the luxury and targeted benefits of AlumierMD or the simplicity and holistic approach of this revolutionary new biome care using Biojuve™, rest assured that your skin health is in expert hands.

PS – Biojuve™ is VEGAN friendly too.

Biojuve™ and Finesse Skin Clinic

Your Biojuve™ Biome Skin Care Regimen

Biojuve™ products at Finesse Skin Clinic
STEP – 1

Conditioning Cleanse

Remove make up using a microfibre cloth, then apply a 5p sized amount to either wet or dry skin. Rinse off with water. This non-foaming formula lifts away dirt and impurities while keeping skin naturally balanced and well-conditioned. It’s specifically formulated to condition the skin to receive and sustain the living Xycrobetechnology. 
Biojuve™ products at Finesse Skin Clinic
STEP – 2

Living Biome Essentials Serum & Activating Mist

Once the skin is cleansed with the pre-biotic cleanser, add 1 pump of the living biome essential serum to the palm of the hand then add 5 pumps of the activating mist. Massage into the palm for 5 seconds to activate the living microbe technology then distribute an even layer to the face and neck and massage gently into the skin. This is the last step in your evening routine.
It is not recommended to add other products this will allow the xycrobesto properly condition the face while you sleep. 
Biojuve™ products at Finesse Skin Clinic
STEP – 1

Conditioning Cleanse

Freshen up using a microfibre cloth, then apply a 5p sized amount of the Biojuve™ Conditioning Cleanse to either wet or dry skin. Rinse off with water. This non-foaming formula lifts away dirt and impurities while keeping skin naturally balanced and well-conditioned. It’s specifically formulated to condition the skin to receive and sustain the living Xycrobe™ technology. 

Biojuve™ products at Finesse Skin Clinic
STEP – 2

Biome Support Complex

Once the skin is cleansed with the Biojuve™ pre-biotic cleanser, add 1 pump of the Biome Support Complex containing the concentrated xycrobe™ filtrate. This is classed as the post biotic. You will only need one pump of this product as a little goes a long way. Spread a thin even layer massaging it gently into the skin. Biome Support Complex has a barrier agent that seals in the xycrobes protecting then from other topicals such as sunscreen and or make up that you may add afterwards. 

Biojuve™ products at Finesse Skin Clinic
STEP – 3

Hydrating Barrier Cream

Next for additional hydration you can add the Biojuve™ Hydrating Barrier Cream available in two formulations, normal to oily and normal to dry, based on your skin type. These moisturisers are xycrobe™ friendly and also have the xycrobe™ protecting barriers. 

Alumier at Finesse Skin Clinic
STEP – 4

Physical Sunscreen Recommended

Finally dont forget to apply your SPF. Any SPF may be used on top of either your Biojuve™ Biome Support Complex or your Biojuve™ Hydrating Barrier Cream. Biojuve™ will be launching a mineral based, sheer SPF50 formula in the UK soon. Until then I recommend Alumier Clear Shield SPF42 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen. 

With that, your Biojuve™ Skin Biome Care routine is complete. 


All endpoints measured in the Biojuve™ clinical study showed visible results in as little as one week with significant continuous improvement over 8 weeks.*

*Results may vary.

No, there were no adverse reactions reported in the Biojuve™ clinical study.
One of the values of Xycrobes™ is that they live and thrive deep within the hair follicles. Though some Xycrobes™ that have not yet engrafted, or adhered, to the skin may wash away, others that have engrafted and live deep within the hair follicles will remain intact. In all cases, Xycrobes™ will replenish each night that the Living Biome Essentials Serum is placed on the skin.
All of our Biojuve™ products were specifically designed to be Xycrobe™ friendly, and the best results achieved when incorporating the entire regimen. However, if you choose to incorporate any product outside of the Biojuve™ line, we recommend using at least one of our daytime products to protect the Xycrobes™ from anything additional placed on the skin (i.e., other products, makeup, environmental factors, etc.) We cannot guarantee the same results as seen in our clinical study as all of our Biojuve™ products were formulated to be conducive to the Xycrobe™ health.

At the moment the Biojuve™ sunscreen is only available in the US. Please do use a mineral sunscreen like Alumier MD broad spectrum sunscreen in the morning after you have completed your Biojuve™ 3 step skincare routine.

Occasionally you may experience a transient reaction or even skin purging when introducing a new skincare product. It can last from 4 days to 6 weeks but on average you can expect it to occur for around 2 weeks.  It occurs when a product speeds up skin’s cell turnover, leading to tiny open or closed comedones that usually manifest as white heads on the skin. Purging isn’t a bad thing and can happen even after using excellent products. What it can sometimes signify is that your skin barrier was compromised prior to starting the skincare. If you are prone to this or you think your barrier or is compromised then it may be beneficial to introduce Biojuve™ more slowly. We can discuss how you can do this at your consultation.

Please Note: It is important to remember that this is a living technology. You must use the products as instructed as they have been formulated to preserve the growth of the Xycrobe™. There are a number of things that could lead to a transient reaction if you do not follow the instructions. Other cleansers and products may leave a residue that could be harmful to the Xycrobes™. You would then be left with an environment conducive to growing other more harmful bacteria on the skin. 

If additional moisture is needed, we recommend adding the Biojuve™ hydrating barrier cream for normal to dry skin on top of the living Biome Essentials Serum as part of the evening regimen. All Biojuve™ products were specifically formulated to support and sustain the living Xycrobe™ technology. Please note: Biojuve™ was shown to increase and sustain hydration levels in the skin in the Biojuve™ Clinical Study. This is due to an increase in the health of the skin’s natural barrier, allowing the skin to better retain its natural moisture.

It is not necessary to add retinol into your nighttime routine.

Xycrobes™ have been shown to provide benefits similar to retinol without the inflammation and irritation associated with retinol. 

It is not necessary to add vitamin C into your morning routine.

Xycrobes™ have been shown to produce a natural antioxidant called RoxP which is more potent than L-ascorbic acid and isn’t photo sensitive, It is also being produced constantly over 24 hour deep within the skin. 

Combining Biojuve™ Skin Biome Care with SkinPen® Precision Microneedling

Why not complement your Biojuve™ skin biome care routine with SkinPen® Precision microneedling, which creates micro-injuries in the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production, improve skin texture, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

This synergistic combination of Biojuve™ skincare and SkinPen® Precision microneedling offers a holistic approach to skin renewal and rejuvenation, ensuring that your skin receives the care and attention it deserves promoting a healthy and radiant complexion.

Introducing the Skin Renewal Essentials package:

This package combines the complete transformative power of Biojuve™ Skin Biome Care* regimen with four SkinPen® Precision microneedling sessions. It comes with the convenience of easy payment options, making it simple and accessible to invest in your skin health.

*Biojuve™ Conditioning Cleanse 100ml, Biome Support Complex 30ml, Living Biome Essentials Duo 25ml + 50ml and your choice of either normal to Dry or Normal to Oily Hydrating Barrier Cream.
Biojuve™ and Finesse Skin Clinic

Your Biojuve™ Consultation


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At Finesse, it is important for us to remain at the cutting edge of new developments in skin science.

Introducing Biojuve™ Biome Skin Care.

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