Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

For decades the only option for those who did not like their nose was to either accept it or undertake a risky and expensive surgical procedure with a high rate of dissatisfaction. With the advent of injectable techniques to alter the nose, similar results are attained in minutes at a fraction of the cost and risk. It’s one of the most exciting procedures in aesthetic medicine and has the power to transform peoples lives.

A non-surgical nose job or rhinoplasty uses dermal filler to reshape the contours of the nose. It is a popular choice see to improve symmetry, reduce bumps and reshape the tip.

The most common reasons for a non-surgical rhinoplasty:

Why choose Finesse for your Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

Your consultation

At Finesse, you will receive an in depth consultation ahead of your Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty treatment. We do not take this responsibility lightly. The consultation includes a facial assessment and your skin concerns and expectations will be discussed. Your full medical history will be taken including any allergies, potential contraindications and any previous cosmetic treatments you have had. We will determine your suitability for treatment and we will discuss with you the potential side effects of the therapy and how to minimise these. Where in your best interests, a treatment is refused, the reasons why will be explained.

Take your time to digest

We recommend you take a minimum of 24 hours to consider all the pros and cons before making a decision to book a treatment. Why not look at this link to help you to decide:

Your practitioner

Sarah Newey is an Independent Prescribing Pharmacist and Aesthetics Practitioner. Once she has ascertained your suitability for treatment she is able to prescribe the medication ready for your appointment. Your treatment will also be carried out by Sarah.

Aftercare Service

Following your treatment you will be provided with extensive aftercare information. Sarah will be on hand 24/7 to assist you with any concerns during this time. Should you require aftercare medication a private prescription can be written for you. Included in your treatment cost is a review to assess the results after 2 weeks.


A non-surgical rhinoplasty uses hyaluronic acid dermal filler to reshape the contours of the nose. The procedure is performed in a clinic while you are awake and it doesn’t involve a general anaesthetic. The most common reasons for this procedure is to camouflage a bump or hook on the bridge of the nose, to project the nasal tip upwards and forwards, and to make the nose appear straighter.

For decades the only option for those who did not like their nose was to either accept it or undertake a risky and expensive surgical procedure with a high rate of dissatisfaction. With the advent of injectable techniques to alter the nose, similar results are attained in minutes at a fraction of the cost and risk. It’s one of the most exciting procedures in aesthetic medicine and has the power to transform peoples lives.

You should arrive without make up for the procedure. Your practitioner will use some Clinisept prepping solution to clean and disinfect your nose and the area around it. The filler will be injected in small amounts, just where it’s needed, into the precise contours of your nose. Safety checks will regularly take place during the procedure to minimise any risks. The practitioner will then gently mould the filler to ensure its smooth and even.


Please inform the practitioner prior to the procedure if any of the following apply as a dermal fillers non-surgical rhinoplasty may not be suitable for you:


  • Pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant
  • Breast feeding
  • History of allergic reactions or anaphylaxis
  • Taking immunosuppressant medication.
  • Allergy to Gram-positive bacterial proteins.
  • History of excessive scarring (eg: hypertrophic scarring and keloid formations) and pigmentation disorders.
  • History of cold sores
  • Blood coagulation disorders
  • History of trauma to the nose including a broken nose.
Dermal fillers used at Finesse Skin Clinic are from the well known brands: JUVÉDERM®   and Teosyal ®. They are made from hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally present in our body through a process known as biofermentation.
It is safe and biocompatible and completely biodegradable. Like any medical procedure it carries potential risks and complications which are minimised by using an appropriate practitioner to carry out the procedure.
Possible risks include, asymmetry or uneven results, allergic reactions, bruising, bleeding or swelling at the injection site, damage to skin and possible scarring, lumps of filler under the skin, skin necrosis and infection. There have also been 100 cases worldwide of filler causing blindness. That’s why it’s very important to make sure you choose a practitioner who’s very experienced and qualified.

The treatment will usually involve injecting the dermal filler through a tiny needle or a small cannula. You will experience minor discomfort during the injection of fillers which does not take long. Most fillers include a local anaesthetic – lidocaine, which helps to make the procedure less painful. A cold pack or a topical anaesthetic can also be applied 20-30 minutes prior to treatment to make it more comfortable.

The procedure takes around 20 minutes to perform with minimal pain and no real downtime. You can go straight back to work with little tell-tale signs other than a very small chance of a tiny bruise or little swelling.

The aesthetic results can be seen immediately after the procedure. However you should allow 2 to 3 weeks for any minor swelling to settle. 

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty’s are not permanent and will naturally bio-degrade with time disappearing within the skin. Most treatments will last between 9-18 months depending on the nasal anatomy and skin thickness. Interestingly, however, this does not mean that the procedure needs to be repeated every 9-18 months as there is often good retention in shape; some patients return for their top-up at 2 years, and have required less filler at this stage.

Dermal fillers are not permanent and will naturally bio-degrade with time disappearing within the skin. Should you be unhappy with the non-surgical results, the dermal filler can be dissolved with hyaluronidase injections but this is not encouraged unless it is necessary, as it carries with it its own risks. This is a chargeable service. 

As with any injectable treatment you may experience some redness, bruising, swelling or tenderness after the treatment. This can take up to 2 weeks to fully settle. So the procedure is best performed at least 2 weeks before a special occasion.

Yes – In order to minimise the risk of infection, side effects and complications you should follow some advice before receiving Dermal Fillers:


  • Do not consume alcohol for at least 24 hours before treatment as it thins the blood and increases the possibility of bruising.
  • Avoid hair removal – shaving, waxing, laser treatment or creams in the area you are having treatment to minimise irritation and reduce the risk of infection,
  • Avoid anti-ageing creams containing substances like retinol, glycolic acid and alpha-hydroxy acids to minimise irritation and reduce the risk of infection.
  • Do not wear makeup on the day of the procedure to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Make sure you eat before the procedure to stop you feeling faint.
  • Certain medicines, vitamins and supplements  may need to be stopped seven days before treatment to minimise the risk of bruising. However always discuss this with your practitioner before stopping ANY medication.
    • Blood thinners like aspirin
    • Anti-inflammatories eg ibuprofen
    • High dose vitamin E
    • Omega 3 fish oils
    • Gingko biloba
    • St Johns Wort
Yes. Immediately after treatment, there may be slight redness, swelling, tenderness and an itching sensation in the treated area. There may occasionally be some bruising.This is a normal result of the injection and will usually subside within a few days. Before you leave the clinic your practitioner will provide you with some after care advice designed to help to minimise redness, swelling, bruising and reduce the risk of infection and help you to recover as soon as possible. In addition to the usual filler aftercare advice you should refrain or wearing heavy glasses, ad avoid moving the area or applying pressure and avoid contact sport or exercise where there is a risk of the nose being knocked.
  • For any swelling or bruising you can gently apply a cold pack for 20 minutes, five times a day for the first 72 hours. Arnica cream can help with bruising too and if you’re prone to bruising you can also try Arnica 30 tablets as a preventative measure – start the day before the treatment and carry on for 5 days afterwards.
  • Anti-histamine tablets available over the counter from your local pharmacy can help to reduce the itching.
  • For any pain or tenderness avoid using anti-inflammatory pain medication like aspirin or ibuprofen as this can increase the risk of bruising. Try paracetamol instead.
  • Try to avoid touching the newly treated area for at least 6 hours as this carries a risk of causing an infection. After this time you can follow your usual skincare routine however ensure you wash your hands thoroughly and be gentle. Makeup can be applied if absolutely necessary but try to wait 24 hours.
  • Avoid any form of massage or relaxing facial or treatments such as microdermabrasion and chemical peels for at least 24 hours after your treatment.
  • Until the initial swelling and redness has resolved do not expose the treated area to extreme temperatures eg: sunbeds, saunas, steam rooms and sunbathing. Always wear a high factor sun block on your face. This could be for up to 2 weeks post procedure.
  • Wait 24 hours before taking part in any strenuous activity or anything that increases the heart rate above 100. 
  • Avoid excessive alcohol and caffeine consumption for 24 hours as this will help to minimise bruising.
  • Arrange a free follow up consultation with your practitioner to discuss your treatment and any concerns you may have.

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The very best

At Finesse we offer you the most effective, tried and tested non-surgical treatments for your skincare journey.

Only the best dermal fillers are used at Finesse skin clinic for facial contouring, which is why we choose Teoxane, which has been established for over 20 years.


As a new patient you will be offered a 30 minute consultation appointment before your treatment to discuss your skin concerns and expectations.

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