Cherry Angiomas

These are small, red bumps or growths, bade up of blood vessels. They can show up anywhere on the body, but are more common on or near your chest, belly and back. They don’t hurt but they might bleed if the get hit or scraped. They are benign skin lesions and are extremely common in adults after the age of 30. They don’t need to be treated but if they are bothering you or bleeding often, then there are a few non-invasive ways to treat and remove them. If you think you have a cherry angioma it is important to have it diagnosed by your GP ahead of treatment.

What causes Cherry Angiomas?

Aside from age, genetics plays a part in how likely you are to get them, as well as exposure to certain chemicals and hormones.

Finesse skin clinic offers the following treatment for the removal of Cherry Angiomas:

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At Finesse we offer you the most effective, tried and tested, non-surgical treatments for your skincare journey.

Cryopen IQ PRO Liquid Pen is a CE and FDA registered

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Why not book a consultation to have your cherry angioma examined and see if you are suitable to have it removed with this fast, safe and effective treatment.

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