Botulinum Toxin or Botox® Injections

Anti-wrinkle Treatments

Botulinum Toxin or Botox® Injections can only be prescribed by a doctor, dentist or an Independent Prescriber after a thorough consultation. This is because Botulinum Toxin is classified as a prescription only drug in the UK. Botulinum Toxin is generally known by the trademark Botox®, although Bocouture® and Azzalure® are other leading brands names. Finesse Skin Clinic, located between Stroud and Gloucester only offers the leading brands for their Botulinum Toxin or Botox® Injections.

Botulinum Toxin or Botox® Injections are also referred to as an anti-wrinkle treatment as it is used to temporarily reduce fine lines and wrinkles, by partially immobilising the muscles that form expression lines allowing a smoother complexion. Although some deep expression lines and static wrinkles may not go away they may become softened with repeated courses. 

Common areas treated are:

Advanced treatments:

Why choose Finesse Skin Clinic?

Finesse Skin Clinic is located in the heart of the Cotswolds, in a beautiful barn conversion between Stroud and Gloucester.

Your consultation

You can have peace of mind that your consultation is confidential. Finesse Skin Clinic’s rural position between Stroud and Gloucester is great for that discreet Botulinum Toxin or Botox® appointment and more.

At Finesse, will receive an in depth consultation ahead of your Botulinum Toxin or Botox® Injections. We do not take this responsibility lightly. The consultation includes a facial assessment and your skin concerns and expectations will be discussed. Your full medical history will be taken including any allergies, potential contraindications and any previous cosmetic treatments you have had. We will determine your suitability for treatment and we will discuss with you the potential side effects of the therapy and how to minimise these. Where in your best interests, a treatment is refused, the reasons why will be explained.

Take your time to digest

We recommend you take a minimum of 24 hours to consider all the pros and cons before making a decision to book a treatment. Why not look at this link to help you to decide:

Your practitioner

Sarah Newey is an Independent Prescribing Pharmacist and Aesthetics Practitioner. Once she has ascertained your suitability for treatment she is able to prescribe the medication ready for your appointment. Your treatment will also be carried out by Sarah.

Aftercare Service

Following your Botulinum Toxin or Botox® Injections at Finesse, based between Stroud and Gloucester, you will be provided with extensive aftercare information. Sarah will be on hand 24/7 to assist you with any concerns during this time. Should you require aftercare medication a private prescription can be written for you. Included in your treatment cost is a review to assess the results between 14-21 days. Should an adjustment be appropriate then this is free of charge. Our aim is to get the results you want at a reasonable price. We do not have hidden costs.


When carefully injected into the muscles responsible for expression lines it partially immobilises them allowing the skin to smoothe out reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

No.  Please inform the practitioner prior to the procedure if any of the following apply to you:
  • Pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant.
  • Breast feeding
  • Heart disease
  • Previous allergic reaction to Botulinum Toxin or Botox®
  • You have difficulty swallowing
  • You have a neuromuscular disease including:
    • Myasthenia gravis
    • Lambert-Eaton syndrome
    • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
  • Bell’s palsy
  • Blood coagulation disorders
Please inform the practitioner if you take ANY medication. If you have had any of the following medicines in the last 4 weeks you may have to wait before receiving treatment due to unpredictable results:
  • Aminoglycoside antibiotics eg; gentamicin, amikacin, neomycin, netilmicin, tobramycin
  • Muscle relaxants eg diazepam, amitriptyline

Using Botulinum Toxin or Botox® is a very safe and effective way of reducing dynamic wrinkles on your face. Like any medical procedure it carries potential risks and complications which are minimised by using an appropriate practitioner to carry out the procedure. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) approved Botulinum Toxin A for combination treatment of upper facial lines as research found the product to be safe and effective.

Complications occur very infrequently from your Botulinum Toxin or Botox® Injections and serious side effects are extremely rare. Complications are usually temporary.
Common side effects include:
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Bruising and numbness at the injection site
Look out for signs that could be indicative of a more serious problem either immediately after undergoing treatment and up to several weeks afterwards and if they occur then consult your doctor:
  • Trouble breathing
  • Slurred speech
  • Muscle weakness
  • Worsening or unexpected difficulty swallowing

Ultra fine needles are used for your Botulinum Toxin (Botox®) treatment so pain is usually minimal. The area can be numbed with a cold pack or a topical anaesthetic can also be applied 20-30 minutes prior to treatment to make it more comfortable.

You may notice results starting to take effect between 4 to 7 days but we suggest you allow a full two weeks before any adjustment is considered.

Movement will gradually  start to return from six weeks and you will regain your muscle activity around 3-4 months later. With repeated administration, at regular intervals, you may not regain full muscle activity for 5-6 months .

After around 3-4 months you will gradually start to notice the areas that have been treated by Botox® will return to their pre-Botox® look.

No – Having Botox® doesn’t worsen wrinkles. If you feel they look more pronounced once the treatment has worn off then it will most likely be that you have become used to your face looking smoother.

A treatment takes around 15 minutes to complete. There may be some slight swelling immediately after treatment but this should settle within the hour. There is also minimal risk of bruising.

Yes. Immediately after Botox® your practitioner will encourage you to use you full range of facial muscles to get the Botox®to where it needs to go to. Once you leave the clinic further advice is designed to minimise the risk of Botox® spreading to other muscles and dispersing away from the targeted muscle and also to help to minimise bruising.
  1. For any swelling or bruising you can gently apply an ice pack. Arnica cream can help with bruising too and if you’re prone to bruising you can also try arnica tablets as a preventative measure – start the day before treatment and carry on for 5 days afterwards.
  2. Botox® treatment will not prevent you from washing or continuing with your normal skin care routine however you are advised to avoid rubbing the area for the first 4 hours after treatment. You can apply make up after about an hour although try not to apply too much pressure.
  3. Avoid any form of massage or relaxing facial, or treatments such as microdermabrasion and chemical peels for 24 hours after treatment.
  4. Avoid bending forward or lying down for at least 4 hours after treatment.
  5. Wait 24 hours before taking part in any strenuous activity or anything that increases the heart rate above 100.
  6. Wait 24 hours before going in a sauna, sun bed or hot bath/shower.
  7. Avoid excessive alcohol or caffeine consumption for 24 hours as this will help to minimise bruising.
Yes. In order to minimise the risk of infection, side effects and complications you should follow some pre-Botox®advice:
  1. Do not consume alcohol for at least 24 hours before treatment as it can thin the blood and increase the possibility of bruising.
  2. Avoid hair removal – shaving, waxing, laser treatment or creams in the area receiving the treatment to minimise irritation and reduce the risk of infection.
  3. Avoid anti-ageing creams containing substances like retinol. glycolic acid and alpha hydroxy acid to minimise irritation and reduce the risk of infection
  4. Do not wear makeup on the day of the procedure to reduce the risk of infection.
  5. Make sure you eat before the procedure to stop you feeling faint.
  6. Certain medicines, vitamins and supplements may need to be stopped seven days before treatment to minimise the risk of bruising. However always discuss this with your practitioner before stopping ANY medication.
  • Blood thinners like aspirin
  • Anti-inflammatories eg ibuprofen
  • High dose Vitamin E
  • Omega 3 fish oils.
  • Gingko biloba
  • St Johns Wort.

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