OMG – According to research I am now middle-aged.

Defined as anything between 40 and 60 in one source and 45 and 65 in another and just 3 days ago the Cambridge Dictionary took it one step further “Too careful and not showing the enthusiasm, energy or style of someone young”.

Now I dispute that in many ways. Maybe I’m cautious wanting facts before making a decision but I definitely disagree with the rest of the information. What about you?
Take this image below. How old do you think she is? She might fit the strict definition through numbers but I would argue with the latest information. I think she looks AMAZING. Happy in her skin, fresh, and vibrant and natural. Don’t you think so too?
I would say she definitely shows enthusiasm, energy and a style of someone young. She definitely seems to look after herself. I really can’t place her age. Her skin is so smooth and her hair a great style too. She seems so happy in her own skin.
At Finesse Skin Clinic this is what I aim to achieve. Subtlety, smoother skin, the best version of yourself. And why ever not. There are so many treatments on offer at Finesse that can help to rejuvenate, refresh and renew. Maybe they got one thing right. Careful. I think when we are middle aged we become more careful. Cautious in our decisions. That’s evident by the people that come to see me. They have researched their practitioner. They are the expert in how they feel and I am the expert in skin treatments. So together we make an awesome team working towards a plan that will reveal a fresher more confident version of you.

So if we disagree with the Cambridge dictionary definition are there some other tell-tale signs that could pin point middle age? Here are some suggestions that I can resonate with:

  1. You start to notice people you work with could potentially be your children.
  2. You give up and finally visit the opticians after realising you perhaps do need glasses after all.
  3. You actually know the names of plants and start growing your own vegetables.
  4. In clothes shops you go for things that look comfortable.
  5. You try to get on with your children’s friends and “be cool” in front of them. Just to be clear, you’re not fooling anyone.
  6. You buy a caravan/sports car/camper
  7. You revisit your old nightclub haunts only to find out they’ve been turned into flats.
  8. You won’t eat with a knife and fork that don’t match.
  9. Your kids suddenly ask how you know the tune in the charts – cover version
  10. It becomes imperative the cushions match the curtains.
I am happy to accept my age but I want to grow old gracefully. For me that personally means looking the best I can in a natural way. If that means great skin care and treatments then so be it. I feel great. I feel comfortable in my own skin.

Do you?

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