Lady biting lips wearing red lipstick


The lips are one of the key features that define beauty, however not everyone is born with the lips that they desire. Lip enhancement is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments today to make these desires come true. Small amounts of hyaluronic acid can be injected at specific points to achieve either dramatic or subtle changes in your lips.

Rejuvenation helps to restore your lips back to their youthful shape. By re-defining the border, and adding a small amount of volume, fine lines and wrinkles will be eliminated and they will become rehydrated. Lipstick lines can also be treated at the same time.

Beautification is more about enhancing the shape of the lip and adding volume.

Whether you want that voluptuous pout, your cupid’s bow enhanced, or just to restore youthfulness why not contact us to discuss further. After all – “Lips are the most expressive feature on a woman’s face” – Marilyn Monroe.

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At Finesse we offer you the most effective, tried and tested, non-surgical treatments for your skincare journey.

We use lip filler brands with a long standing reputation: Teosyal® and Belotero®.

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